JSW Farms

Riasing purebred Nubian Dairy goats.    

I am super proud to offer quality stock goats to further your herd goals.  Please contact me with questions and breed plans.  Please read Sales/Management information at bottom of page. 

Pending 2*M Windsong Farm Winter in Paris- DOB 03/03/2016  N1769459

Sire +*B Veterans Blue Lighting   SS-  Six M Galaxy Lighting  *DNA*                                                                      - Crow's Dairy Blue Sparkles 5*

                                                                 -   Six M Galaxy Unique Heritage ++*B

                                                                  - Six M Galaxy Isadorabelle 12*M

                                                                  -Six M Galaxy Noel's Comet +*B

                                                                  -Black Mesa Cory's Shelly Dee 4*M

      Dam 1*M Windsong Farm Winter Storm        - Six M Galaxy Unique's Clyde +*B

                                                                                   -Ages Ago Acres Leila

                                                                                  - Six M Galaxy Sunrise Jupiter +*B

                                                                                  - Six M Galaxy Obe's Unique 13*M

                                                 - Cream of Kansas' Frosts Journey

                          - No-Doubt AO Edith 

                         Pictures taken 9/24/17 before breeding.  Paris and her friend Gracie. Nice udder development. 

Paris on March 23, 2018 Ready to be a First Freshner. 
Thrid picture is Veteran's Blue Lighting. Paris's Sire
Thank You Windsong Farm for use of Picture.  Udder pictures below are of 
1*M Windong Farm Winter Storm N001649063 - Paris's dam

 3 days fresh 12 hr fill

Paris is a big, tall doe. She will easily earn her 2*M

Post pregancy wt 200# 

Doeling on grass, Buckling in Jim's lap. 

Windsong Farm Chocolate Eclair  17*M- DOB 3/21/2015  N001719807

                                        -  *B Six M Galaxy Pecos Bill

                                        -   Six M Galaxy Hope's Chocolate 16*M

                                        -   Six M Galaxy Sunnie’s Jupiter +*B

                                        -  Six M Galaxy Noel’s Holly 11*M                                                                                 - Six M Galaxy Cocos Lucky Tiger ++*B

                                          - Six M Galaxy Sunnie’s Hope 15*M


Eclairs Casein results are A/B 

Eclair is breed to *B Veterans Blue Lighting Casein results A/A

16*M Six M Galaxy Hope's Chocolate 

Thank You Flying S Bar Ranch and Windsong Farm for picture of Chocolate

Eclair as a kid, her teats have always been a little lopsided. 

Orifice's are normal in size and she has never had mastitis. 

Moonspots developing.

Thank you to Windsong Farm for use of pictures. 

This is Eclair's udder 13 days fresh, kidded on 3/11/18 

12hr fill milk out 6.45lbs

Thank you to Windsong Farm Nubians for the following 3 picutes! 

Pending 17*M Windsong Farm Chocolate Sprinkles - DOB 3/4/16 N001769461

Casein A/B

SG 15 *M Veteran's Comet's Legacy-DOB2/18/15 N001714582 
Casein A/B Elite Doe +EVE 86

Pending 14*M Windsong Farm Enya's Waffel   DOB 3/8/17 N001845809  

Elite list 2018

Our Management: - Sales 
  If you are interested in purchasing a kid from us, please let us know what you are interested in and we will place you on our list. Those persons will be notified in the order the request was received. 
All goats  will be disbudded, tatooed, bottled raised on their Dam's milk.  All goats are CAE and CL free. 
All goats are G-6-S normal by parentage or test. 

Kid(s)  go to their new home at 4 weeks, with a bottle. I provide a pritchard teat(s) to be bottle raised for 12 weeks,
unless previous arrangements have been made.  Kids are on a coccidiosis  preventive toltrazuril - available through horseprerace.com  
I will register all kids with ADGA and your choosen name.
 Kids will also be give a vitamin/probiotic paste with in 1st month and every goat receiced this monthly at our farm.  

Half of Payment is required at notification of birth.  If payment is not received within 5-7 business days  the next person on the list will be notified.   This is non-refundable. The rest of payment is at pick up.  All sales are Final. 

If flying kids, payment is due in full at birth notification, to be recieved with in 5-7 business days. 
Flying is safe and fast, kids have to ship between 3-4 weeks.  Please contact me with questions about this. 
Shipping is available through Springfield Missouri airport- to anywhere in the US. for $450.00 / This is an approximate cost includes flight, health papers, airline approved crate, travel cost. etc

I vaccinate with CD&T at 6-8 weeks of age.  We follow a very strick routine of oral vitamins/minerals/probiotcs. 
Our lab testing includes/milk/fecals/CAE/CL/others as needed.  Every doe recives a booster of CD&T 3-4 weeks before freshening.