JSW Farms

Riasing purebred Nubian Dairy goats.    

Sara's Soap Shop - Specializing in custom orders.  100% Goat Milk Soap


ALL products are 100% Natural! I use the best ingredients out there. Shea butter, coconut, cocoa butter,almond and Olive oils. 

NO Atrificial colors are used in my Soaps. I use clays and herbs. All bars/soaps are $5.00 Bee Balm is $2.50 

I accept paypal,C.C, Venmo, and paper checks. Shipping is USPS Flat rate boxes.  Contact me for a quote! 

Body Butter Bars! Available in Honey, Lavendar and others. Just ask! 

Inside of Butter Bar tins! A 2 oz solid bar, that glides on smooth. 

Bee Balm - Available in Honey Kisses, Toasted Coconut and Spearmint. 

Lemongrass with lemongrass pieces. 
Lavendar wake up! Lavendar and spearmint EO, green clay. Nicely marbled soap of cream and green coloring.

My Faviorate Farm Work! Also known as Brutte aftershave.  

Honey and Oats- Contains our raw honey and finly ground oats. Sent is warm and sweet.