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Riasing purebred Nubian Dairy goats.    

*B Windsong Farm Hezekiah - DOB 03/13/2017   N185082

Sire *B Linn Farm's Magi's Maxim

                     SG Six M Galaxy Noel's Magi +* B

                                               14*M Six M Galaxy Fawn's Callistra                          

        ++*B SG Six M Galaxy Galileo

                                                          SG 10*M Six M Galaxy Nova’s Sonia Noel 

                                                       SG +*B Six M Galaxy Nova Sunrise

                                                        SG 13*M Six M Galaxy Nates Gold Fawn 

       17*M Windsong Farm Chocolate Eclair 17*M

   Alpha S/1 Casein A/B

Summer 2017 and sumeer 2018 I love seeing the growth! 

First picture is a Hezekiah summer 2017, the 2nd and 3 rd picture is late summer 2018 going into rut.  I continue to be impressed with him and his body style and capasity! 

+* B Veterans Blue Lightning

DOB 1-14-13


Thank you to Windsong Farm for use of picture. 

Blue has now moved to our farm and we are excitted to see how we can use him in up coming breedings. 

*B Windsong Farm Blue Sterling

DOB 4-4-2017


Sterling as young kid, He's been bounced around a bit and is now in his forever home. 

I'll have updated                                                                                      pictures in few                                                                                          weeks. 

Thank You Windsong Farm for this picture.

*B Linn Farm's Magi's Maxim

DOB 4-22-14

Thank you to Windsong Farm for use of picture.

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